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Connectki CTV Monetization

You can’t only focus on programmatic advertising for your CTV monetization strategy. You might get a decent
return but not nearly as good as your true potential could be. Develop connections, try new type of campaigns, get the a balance between ads and content. The more ads you have at disposal, the better you can select the right ones.

Check this out in our CTV monetization example.
SSP onboarding
User growth
Adtech integrations
Adserver Optimization

CTV monetization example

As a new CTV video publisher making their dent into the world, Red Coral Universe needed a company ready to break doors and tackle challenges with creativity.

01. Full adtech audit

Connectki were called because there were issues on the tech integration between the adserver, the player and the demand. You need to optimize every piece of the puzzle to drive the best results possible. We quickly saw gaps in their connections.

02. Demand is important

No matter what you do for your content, you need the best demand possible. We spent a lot of time researching, getting in touch, troubleshooting and adding different SSP.

So ads were flowing in the website and apps.

03. Supporting user growth

You can set everything, all the platforms and connections, but then you cannot ignore the kings and queens of your content: the users. We helped Red Coral designing new video trailers to promote their newly released apps: FireTV and Roku.

The Benefits Are Clear

Impressions on web and apps started to flow, with a pod fill rate of over 88% in just 3 months of working with them.


Starting a CTV business is not simple. On top of original content you have to look for the right technology and then having the skills to run it. CTV Advertising is not as simple as it should and requires time and persistence.
Having that in mind, you can build fantastic apps with the right adstack and a team who look after it. Then seeing the revenues growing month by month is the right outcome.
Connectki CTV Audit
SSAI/CSAI integration
Adserver setup & Configuration
SSP onboarding
Revenues flowing
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«Connectki helped us in our ad operations processes. They provided us with a service tailored to our needs, guaranteeing quality and safety. Competent, efficient and quick.»


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The core of the CTV monetization strategy is the Adserver. It allows you to optimise and select from a variety of platforms to find the one that works best for you. Additionally, increase your earnings through direct campaigns using state-of-the-art adserver technology.


A RevOps team is optimising and monitoring all the channels and demand partners connected to the CTV Apps in order to support the revenue growth. This is made possible by FAST, AVOD, CTV adoperations, and CTV monetization services.

Video CMS

Use a complete platform for storing videos and integrating ads seamlessly to unleash the power of video. Content player, video CMS, and SSAI/Dynamic ad insertion features—all the tools you need to increase sales and user engagement.
Red Coral Universe is a visionary artist-forward video streaming platform that presents an expansive array of captivating and exclusive content tailored to the independent film, television, and music community. Providing an extensive collection of movies, TV shows, music videos, and original productions, Red Coral Universe guarantees a delightful experience for
all its end-users.

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This is just a CTV monetization example by Connectki. Get in touch for similar implementation and consultancy on your CTV channel.
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Connectki provides strong programmatic skills and expertise, sharp technical and problem-solving abilities.
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